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Last Updated May 1, 2015

52 Classes are now on Facebook



            Individual Class Web Sites
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                          Class Web/Facebook Sites

Following is a list of web sites or Facebook Groups/Pages designed and maintained by members
of those classes. The Facebook list includes only those Facebook Groups/Pages dedicated to
CHS/CTHS class activities. It does not include Facebook Profiles for individuals as that list is far
too long to include here. If you would like to design a Facebook Group (or Page) for your class,
see the instructions at Using a Facebook Group
will allow you to send a message to just the members of your group. Before you start your
design, click on some of the sites shown below to get an idea of what others are doing.

The number of members in each class in a Facebook group is shown in ()

In addition to individual classes, the Chatham NJ High School All Class Reunions is now on Facebook at

For Help or Information,  send E-Mail to

Arnie Goetchius at or
Amy Denecke at

You can access the page by clicking on the class listed below.

If your class is on Facebook or on the Web but not shown below, please let us know and we will add your class to the list.

All Classes Great Reunions (Eskies, Gladiators and Cougars)  FaceBook-icon16x16  (1943)

CHS '58  FaceBook-icon16x16   (1)

CHS '76FaceBook-icon16x16  (70)

CHS 86B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (64)

CHS '60  FaceBook-icon16x16   (6)

CHS '77B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (1)

CHS 86T FaceBook-icon16x16    (73)

CHS '62  FaceBook-icon16x16   (36)

CHS '77T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (1)

CHS 88B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (50)

CHS '63 (Web)  

CHS '78B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (40)

CHS 88T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (4)

CHS '63  FaceBook-icon16x16  (32)

CHS '78T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (1)

CHS 89  FaceBook-icon16x16     (135)

CHS '64  FaceBook-icon16x16  (84)

CHS '79B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (9)

CHS 90  FaceBook-icon16x16     (9)

CHS '66T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (21)

CHS 80B  FaceBook-icon16x16   (64)

CHS 91  FaceBook-icon16x16     (96)

CHS '67B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (94)

CHS 80T  FaceBook-icon16x16    (42)

CHS 92  FaceBook-icon16x16     (7)

CHS '67T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (17)

CHS 81B  FaceBook-icon16x16   (54)

CHS 93   FaceBook-icon16x16    (75)

CHS '70B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (94)

CHS 81T  FaceBook-icon16x16   (90)

CHS 94   FaceBook-icon16x16    (98)

CHS '70T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (16)

CHS 82B  FaceBook-icon16x16   (95)

CHS 95   FaceBook-icon16x16    (114)

CHS '71T  FaceBook-icon16x16   (1)

CHS 82T  FaceBook-icon16x16   (66)

CHS 96   FaceBook-icon16x16    (4)

CHS '72B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (8)

CHS 83B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (83)

CHS 00   FaceBook-icon16x16    (1)

CHS '71B-73B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (124)

CHS '83T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (?)

CHS 02   FaceBook-icon16x16    (138)

CHS '74B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (72)

CHS 84B  FaceBook-icon16x16   (64)

CHS 03   FaceBook-icon16x16    (2)

CHS '74T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (81)

CHS 84T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (94)

CHS 04   FaceBook-icon16x16    (160)

CHS '75B  FaceBook-icon16x16  (66)

CHS 85T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (78)

CHS 06   FaceBook-icon16x16     (1)

CHS '75T  FaceBook-icon16x16  (53)



CHS '76FaceBook-icon16x16  (67)


Chatham Township High School Alumni All Classes Welcome  FaceBook-icon16x16  (336)


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