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CHS Great Reunion

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Last Updated June 16, 2016
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Updated 6/16/2016

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Gail Chesnut
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The Chatham NJ High School Reunions Committee was formed to provide alumni (both graduates and non-graduates) with information about upcoming Chatham High School ( Borough & Township) class reunions, alumni news and other items that may be of interest to alumni. In addition, a database of over 16,000 alumni is maintained (offline) by the School District of the Chathams, the sole purpose of which is to provide alumni and class coordinators with the mailing and email addresses of their classmates. A list of the alumni by year without addresses is included in the file chsclass.pdf  which is viewable using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Included in the list of alumni are over 200 classmates who attended CHS but never graduated. All of CHS/CTHS  non-graduates are welcome to participate in alumni activities and we urge you to make sure your name is included in our database. If you are in doubt, send us an email.

The database is kept current by updating it every year with the names and addresses of the most recent graduating class. Other changes of address are provided by individual alumni and class coordinators. .

We are still missing over 2300 people (To see a summary of the Missing by class, click on Missing by Class). Many of the missing are from the Township classes of the eighties for which we have never received any mailing addresses.  

If you have any information on any of the "Missing", please help us out by sending us their current address by clicking on the  Change of Alumni Information Form

If you have information on any classmates who have passed away recently, please provide us with the details in the "Comments Section" of the  Change of Alumni Information Form


Class coordinators are the communications link within their classes and between their classes and the Reunions Committee. Between Great Reunions and individual class reunions they help to keep their class list updated primarily by locating missing classmates. 

To see a complete list of all of the Class Coordinators, please visit List of Class Coordinators.

Created and Maintained by Arnie Goetchius CHS '49.

For Help or Information,  send E-Mail to

Arnie Goetchius at or
Amy Denecke at

Please support Chatham High School (CHS/CTHS) graduates in their business activities. For a list of classmates and their business pages (websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc) , please visit

List of CHS/CTHS Alumni Business Pages.

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